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How to Find Hidden Gems in Seattle Southside

52 Microadventures in 52 Weeks

Seattle Southside is full of incredible sights, activities, eats, and more. With so many places to explore, where do you begin? We'll highlight a new microadventure every week for all of 2023 to help you find your next thrill.

Microadventure After Microadventure

Seattle Southside Scenes

Seattle Southside Scenes explores the art, culture, and history of the Seattle Southside region. As one of the most unique areas in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle Southside is filled with public art, historic landmarks, and a diverse populous with rich, cultural heritage.

Seattle Southside Scenes Trail

Eat Up

Hungry? We know just the place.

Eat Your Heart Out


The great outdoors in Seattle Southside is exactly that: great! Here are all kinds of outdoorsy inspirations, from boating to hiking.

The Great Outdoors

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