The Micoadventure: Epic Adventures Without the Epic Hassle

52 Microadventures in 52 Weeks

What is a Microadventure?

1. Take in Tunes at 13 Coins

2. A Winter's Walk at Des Moines Beach Park

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3. Feast Across Asia at The Eatery

4. Sip and Charcuterie at Marina Mercantile

5. Delight in a Symphonic Performance

6. Game Your Heart Out at Legacy Gaming

7. Savor Ethiopian Cuisine at Star Coffee

8. Explore the Mall of Africa

9. Dine Globally while Dining Locally at Spice Bridge

10. A Taste of a Mexican Home at La Esquina

11. Food for the Soul at Creole Soul

12. Sample Local Wines at Bacovino

13. Lunch and Lounge at Rendition

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Christy Maggio

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