Curiously Wonderful Local Facts

Strange and Fascinating Facts about Seattle Southside

Prehistoric Giants: The SeaTac Sloth

One of the First European Settlements in the PNW was at Foster Links Golf Course

Woman-Owned Businesses are Big in Seattle Southside

Pictured: Jean Thompson, owner and CEO of Seattle Chocolate. ​Photo credit: JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The Truth is Out There: The Origins of the Men In Black

Watch More about the Maury Island Incident

Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park Used to be a NIKE Missile Launch Site

The Unsolved Mystery of D.B. Cooper

Local Legends: Bruce Bickford

Foster High School is the Most Diverse in the Country

The Area is Full of Unusual Art

The Seattle Pet Cemetery: Final Resting Place of Beloved Animals

George the Ghost: The Haunted Event Center

Lightning Round: Did You Know...?

Seattle Southside History: Des Moines Beach Park

The documented history of Washington state (and the United States, for that matter) is fairly recent history compared to the rest of the world; although Native Americans have been living in the area we now call Seattle Southside for thousands of years.

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