When I think of “Fall” especially “October”, I think of staying cozy, hot drinks, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, and anything else that can be pretty relaxing (besides of course getting chased by clowns through a haunted house…that’s the only exception). I know it can be upsetting having to transition away from a nice, hot, adventure-filled summer, but when you see all you can do, transitioning into Fall won’t be a problem at all!

Fall-Things-to-do-CedarbrookCedarbrook Lodge - Either to stay or just for dinner
Cedarbrook Lodge is a perfect place to start the season, whether it be for a cozy weekend getaway staying at the hotel offering appealing nature views, relaxing private rooms, and the sense of seclusion for some much-needed relaxation; or making a visit to the Copperleaf Restaurant serving delicious, fresh farm-to-table local Northwest cuisine in a beautiful setting that includes a large stone fireplace (to stay nice and warm!).

Fall-Things-to-do-PSLStarbucks - Don’t forget to grab your PSL!

This famous signature fall drink is back for the season, and that’s the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks! The PSL is the most popular seasonal beverage out of all their seasonal drinks, and just one taste can magically make you “feel” fall instantly.

If you’re feeling like you need to dive right into fall, pair with a pumpkin pie (totally kidding…kinda).

Fall-Things-to-do-Haunted-HouseHaunted Houses - If you’re really feeling adventurous and brave

There are many “Haunted Houses” not too far from Seattle Southside, like the Shadows Haunted Attraction located at the EMP Museum, the KUBE93 Haunted House located in downtown Seattle, or even the Haunted House located inside Wild Waves Theme Park that you can do a walk-thru of after you’ve spun around on some of the thrilling rides. Whatever type of haunted house you fancy, there’s various options located just nearby.


Go Shopping! - It’s time for some wardrobe changes

It’s time to officially put away your shorts, tank tops, and sunglasses and get ready for the cooler weather coming our way. Things you need to stock up on for our chilly autumn season include a new pair of boots, scarves, gloves, hats, thicker blankets, portable heaters, and even the Pumpkin Spice Latte I mentioned earlier from Starbucks! Whatever you need for this fall, you can get at Westfield Southcenter, guaranteed.


FOOOOOTBALL! – Specifically the Seahawks

Whether you’re watching the game from home, listening along to the radio, refreshing your web browser every few seconds for live updates while at work, or even if you’re actually AT CenturyLink Stadium for the game, Fall is definitely the best time to get involved with your favorite sports. Now that the hot, sunny weather is pretty much gone, you have no reason to debate between going out for a swim, or staying warm by being worked up by watching your favorite team play. (Go Hawks!)


Visit a Pumpkin Patch – Either to carve, eat, or take pictures for your Facebook

There’s quite a few pumpkin patches located all throughout Washington State. Some are local, like Carpinito Brothers in Kent and Mosby Farms in Auburn, both located only a few miles from Seattle Southside, or you can take a road trip a few hours out if you desire to get farmlands full of pumpkins. Bring the family along with you and explore what each farm has to offer. Some even include fun corn-mazes!


Go Walk/Run – Enjoy the fresh, crisp fall air

Fall is the perfect time for a walk/run because the air is fresher and crisper! Not only that, but it’s not scorching hot outside, and it’s not freezing cold, so you don’t have to worry about any extreme weather conditions! Take some time to relax, enjoy nature, and explore all the different leaves you find that have fallen, while you hear them crunch as you walk.