When people talk about visiting Seattle, they’re typically referring to downtown Seattle. Sure, Pike Place Market and the Space Needle are fun to see while you’re in town. There’s much more to Seattle than just that area though, including the southern part of Seattle. I recently spent the day exploring “Seattle’s backyard” and loved it! Here are a few reasons why you should visit Seattle Southside.



Just 15 minutes south of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is Redondo Beach, which I can’t believe I’d never been to before. It’s a beautiful beach to walk around on a sunny day and see what the tide washed up. I rented a kayak from Olympic Outdoor Center and explored the water between the beach and Vashon Island.

You can also rent a paddle board and explore the water that way. There are plenty of sea life in these waters, including otters, seals, and birds.



If you want to go sky diving but haven’t quite worked up the nerve, iFly is the perfect place for you. You’ll be paired with an instructor who will go through the basic safety rules and hand signals you need to know when you’re in the wind tunnel. You’ll then get suited up and wait for your turn.

Each person’s turn is 60 seconds, but it felt like much longer than that. I had a blast “flying” in the wind and changing my body position so I would turn different ways. You can add on a high flight at the end where you go part way up the tube with the instructor, which I highly recommend adding on!

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When I first saw that Moctezumas was in the Westfield Mall, I wondered about how it would taste. Don’t let the location fool you – this is not at all mall food, and probably one of the best Mexican restaurants I’ve visited in Seattle. It makes sense – they’ve won “Best Mexican Restaurant” by South Sound Magazine for the past four years.

Everything is made from scratch here, which you can tell with every bite you have. I fell in love with their spicy salsa, and my fish tacos were absolutely delicious. They had so many gluten-free and vegetarian options that it was hard to pick just one meal!



Last but not least, you must go on the “Experience Chocolate” Tour at the Seattle Chocolate Company. This was already my favorite chocolate company in Seattle, but I love them even more now that I tried so many new chocolates. Mimosa and s’mores are now my two favorite flavors!

The tour starts with learning about how Seattle Chocolates came to be and what parts of the world the cacao comes from. You then get to go into the factory and see how the chocolate goes into the molds, goes through all the steps, and even how it gets wrapped by a machine. You then go back and get to try half a dozen samples of chocolate, and they don’t skimp on the portion sizes.

One thing I loved about the company is how they use locally sourced products as much as possible. You get to see dozens of jars of all their ingredients they mix in the chocolate bars and truffles.

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While I recommend everyone goes to Seattle Chocolates themselves, I’m partnering up with them to give you a chance to try their chocolates! I love the Seattle-theme products they sell, such as the ferry box. They also have their Seattle Seasons bar trio with flavors like espresso and sea salt. Enter below for your chance to win!