Admit it. You like taking pictures of your food. Hey, we’re not judging you! In fact, we’ve got some great restaurants with dishes that make some perfectly filtered squared shots.

What are the most Instagrammable Restaurants in Seattle Southside?



Din Tai Fung

Din tai fung insta post

Quite possibly the most frequently instagrammed restaurant in Seattle Southside, the Taiwanese juggernaut of the northwest is home to fresh dumplings, pork chop fried rice, garlic green beans, and plenty of other eye-catching dishes.  


Arashi Ramen

Arashi Ramen

The ramen is hot, spicy, flavorful, colorful, and captivating! Grab a bowl of black garlic ramen for a great pic, and filling meal. Or if you’re looking to spice up your meal and add a dash of color to your photos, order the spicy tan tan men.


Copperleaf Restaurant

Copperleaf instagram post

Presentation is everything at Copperleaf! That, and sustainability, local ingredients, and flavor. Spectacular arrangement and contrasting colors combine to make the perfect meal and amazing pictures.


13 Coins

13 Coins Instagram post

Eggs benedict or pan-fried oysters? You can have whatever your heart desires, 24/7, at this Seattle-area institution. The menu is HUGE, and the ambiance is reminiscent of the Rat Pack days. Plus, they’ve got great mood lighting for your no-filter food shot.



Moctezuma Instagram

The red-hot fajitas are quite literally on fire and they make for a great boomerang! Moctezuma’s Mexican food is anything but ordinary and from appetizers to drinks, entrees to dessert, there’s more than a few great food pics to take.


Aqua Terra

Aqua Terra Instagram

The Seattle Airport Marriott has more than a few great photo opportunities and their signature restaurant, Aqua Terra, is no exception. From the salmon to the signature cauliflower steak, the photo ops present themselves.


Star Coffee

Star Coffee Instagram

Ethiopian espresso + bright and colorful dishes = instagold. If you’ve never tried Ethiopian food before, this is a great place to start. Get a big dish of vegetable wat with injera bread and strong latte and you’ll discover what you’ve been missing.