When it comes to having a fun night out, Seattle Southside has more than an ample supply of options. One of my favorite destinations for a great time is Bowlero South Seattle, located just across the street from Westfield Southcenter in Tukwila.  I went with some friends last Saturday for a fun-filled night of bowling.

The great thing about Bowlero is that it's not just a bowling alley.  In fact, there's a little something for everyone, which is why it's a great place for a group. There are plenty of billiard tables, a larger than life arcade, a bar and restaurant, and of course the thirty lane bowling alley. We experienced just about all of those (with the exception of billiards) in one night.


Have Fun Bowling at Bowlero in #SeattleSouthside.

We knew that the place would be busy once we got there because after all, it was a Saturday night. Bowling at Bowlero is unlike any bowling experience I've ever had in that the lanes are illuminated an interstellar shade of blue and all of the songs played have their music videos to accompany them right above the pins.  Once I experienced bowling at Bowlero, there was no going back to regular, "Uncle Buck" bowling. 

We were told that there would be a one hour wait.  That was no problem, as we had already planned on visiting the bar for some food and drinks. We sat down at the bar and made our orders as we watched the Mariners take on their division rivals the Oakland Athletics on the big screen behind the bar.  It had only been about forty-five minutes until our number was called and it was time for the games to begin.  It takes a good game of bowling to reveal a man or woman's true colors.  The competition was heated, and we were having a blast trash talking one another as we ordered some sliders and garlic fries from the lane-side food and drink service. 

Once the dust settled after three games, I came out (as my bowling alter-ego Jack the Gutter) on top with a final score of 376. Victory and sliders never tasted so sweet.  After we returned our shoes, a curious game in the arcade caught our collective eyes. It was a tricky game with expensive prizes such as a Playstation 4 controller and an iPod Nano.  The arcade also featured a gigantic twist on the classic claw game with carnival-sized stuffed animals.  We had a blast attempting to win such lavish prizes, only coming up a hair short each time. 

So you see, Bowlero truly has something for everyone.  I highly recommend it for a night out with friends and family.  I can guarantee that I'll be back soon, as that giant claw machine is calling my name.