Spring and summer are just around the corner, meaning more sun for the Pacific Northwest! It’s always nice to watch the sunset with your family, friends, and your specific loved one! It’s the perfect time to plan ahead for your spring/summer vacation, so make sure to check this list out!

Best Places to Watch the Sunset Golden Gardens Park

Golden Garden’s Park

With its soft sand and blue dreamy water, Golden Garden’s Park is stunning! There are lots of fire pits, so it’s a great place for you and your friends to have a bonfire! There are also lots of volleyball courts, so don’t forget to bring your volleyball! There are many things your can rent, such as kayaks and paddleboards! When the sun sets at Golden Garden’s Park, it’s the perfect time to snuggle with your loved one or reminisce about how great life is while enjoying the beautiful scenic view right in front of your eyes.  Make sure to visit Golden Garden’s Park, because they have a lot to offer!

Best Places to Watch the Sunset Alki Beach Park

Alki Beach Park

Enjoy the both the city view as well as a nature view? Then Alki Beach Park is the best place for you! It’s a convenient and beautiful spot to take a stroll, jog, rollerblade, or ride bikes!  When the sun sets, Alki features a stunning and remarkable view of the downtown skyline across the Puget Sound. Alki also offers its visitors rentable kayaks, fire pits, and more! Cozy up next to a fire while observing the Seattle sunset from a different perspective!

Best Places to Watch the Sunset Lake Washington

Seward Park at Lake Washington

Seward Park on Lake Washington is a great place to sit on the grass and have a picnic with your loved ones! It is the largest lake in King County, and is located near many cities such as Seattle and Bellevue. Many people enjoy going on jogs there because there is a trail that is wonderful for all ages, including pets! Many locals also like taking their boats out onto the lake! Lake Washington is definitely the perfect place to go on a jog with your friend(s) while observing the sunset across the lake.

Best Places to Watch the Sunset Des Moines Beach Park

Des Moines Beach Park

Des Moines Beach Park is a wonderful spot for those who would like to take a nice stroll and enjoy nature at the same time. With it’s unique rock beach, watching the sunset here is a must-do! There’s also a lot of restaurants near-by, so make sure to check them out after watching the sunset!

Best Places to Watch the Sunset Kerry Park

Kerry Park

If you love the city and the city view, then I highly recommend you to go to Kerry Park! It has the perfect view of the Seattle’s skyline and Space Needle that it makes you feel like you’re in a postcard! It’s a great place to have a photo-shoot, as many people like taking their prom and wedding pictures here! So don’t forget to bring your cameras so you can catch this amazing city sunset!