Get to know our People on the Bus!

The City of SeaTac is way more than just a home to one of nation’s top airports—it’s also home to a beautifully diverse population representing an array of cultures, remarkable people, and fascinating stories. While the city limits include nearly 70 Fortune 1000 companies and swell with more than 80,000 workers and travelers on any given day, it’s the 25,000 residents whose families, small businesses, fascinating stories, and global cultural heritages really make our community an extra special one to live and stay in.

Learn a little more about just a handful of some of our remarkable residents, who you’ve seen traveling around town on our SeaTac Shopping and Dining Shuttle—a free service for guests at area hotels to help them get around and get to know some of the experiences that make SeaTac so spectacular.


People on the bus with names


Barbara McMichael

“There are so many different people from so many different places—it’s a real opportunity to think globally right here in our community.”

As humble as she is knowledgeable and kind, this area native is a connector of people, keeper of histories, and lover of enriching the area with art and culture. As one of the founding employees of SoCo Culture, Barbara loves to help local artists thrive and ensure that local heritage projects get off the ground to help both preserve our histories and to support enriching the present and future diversity and creativity in our communities for years to come.


Favorite Things to do in SeaTac

"I love to travel along Military Road, which threads all the way through the City of SeaTac from south to north, and has a long, storied history that includes native tribes that have been here since time immemorial, American soldiers who built the road with logs and went on to become famous during the Civil War, and the first high tech ever to come to our region—the telegraph!"




Munira Mohamed

Kind, dedicated, and busy, Munira is tireless in carrying out her mission to support and raise up youth in her community as Executive Director of EACS (East African Community Services.)  Devoted to providing culturally responsive K-12 Education programs that keep youth safe and help them succeed, EACS provides tools for adjusting to—and succeeded at—life in the U.S. And at the heart of it all, you’ll find Munira making sure students and staff have all the support, tools, and resources she can help provide.  


Munira's  Favorite Thing to do in and around SeaTac

"I enjoy walking through the Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden in the summer where I can smell the roses and visit the community gardens to see what is in season. Afterwards I love to take my family to explore the dining options and try new foods from around the world."



Toka Valu

Va’eomatoka “Toka” Valu was born and raised in the South Pacific Islands of Tonga and migrated to South King County with his late mother in 1997. As an artist, his practice focuses on uplifting Pasifika cultural wisdom and Pasifika Futurism. Today, Toka proudly serves his Community as Director for Communications & Arts Development at the Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington in addition to being one of the Commissioners for Washington State’s Commission for Asian & Pacific American Affairs. Toka is proud of his Tongan heritage and his role as a community organizer, and Pasifika Arts enthusiast living in the City of SeaTac with his family.  

See more of Toka's art!


Favorite Things to do in SeaTac

"I love walking my daughter out to McMicken Park just minutes down the road! And being able to leisurely stroll around the neighborhood (McMicken Heights) is one of me and my wife’s favorite pastimes in SeaTac."




You couldn’t ask for a sweeter face than Gracie’s. Lucky travelers may have encountered those sweet puppy-dog eyes while passing through SEA (Sea-Tac) Airport, where Gracie can often be found providing a moment of calm and relaxation as a certified therapy dog. Keep an eye out for Gracie (and her owner Joanne) next time you’re at SEA near the Information Desk in the Central Terminal, and be sure to say, “hello!”.


Favorite Things to do in SeaTac

Volunteer at SEA Airport. As a therapy dog, Gracie enjoys meeting travelers, being pet by airline crew, and sharing her calm, relaxed nature with stressed travelers. SEA Airport is a city-within-a-city, and she loves to add joy to that community.




Full of joie de vivre, this dynamic duo seem to know the secret to a life well lived. Sisters Linda and Elaine are part of a storied local history as members of the Seike family. The family’s eponymously named Japanese garden is now the crown jewel at Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden. Full of stories, good humor, and stunning wit, these sisters and their family are a testament to resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.


Favorite Things to do in and around SeaTac

Linda: "I love going to Bakery Nouveau for special treats, Seahurst park for dog walking, and Pancake Chef for great breakfasts!"

Elaine: "One of my favorite indulgences is the Smoked Candied Salmon at B&E Meats! I also like to walk in Marine View Park."




“I can fix anything with a weed whacker or a screw driver.”

A pillar of her community, a long-time resident of Bow Lake, and an all-around firecracker, Shirley uses her indomitable energy and jack-of-all-trade knowledge to do everything she can to help her neighbors. “Every day is different,” she says, “and every day is a blast.” From minor home repairs and yard work, to organizing vaccines to be brought to her local neighborhood where most residents aren’t able to get around easily, Shirley uses her quick-wit and enviably inquisitive nature to help care and find resources for all those around her. Shirley also has some pretty amazing stories to tell, if you're ever lucky enough to catch her during some downtime. 


Shirley's Favorite Thing to do in SeaTac

“I could go on and on about this city!"

"SeaTac is my little piece of heaven. The wonderful variety of trees and the various parks and water access are beautiful year around. We are ten minutes from beaches major shopping facilities as well as advanced medical treatment. SeaTac provides everything I need to live a full, safe, active and happy life as a senior citizen. I would not want to be anywhere else.”      




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