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Spice Bridge, the International Food Hall in Tukwila, is home to FIN’s Food Business Incubator program, which helps South King County women of color, immigrants, and refugees start and grow thriving businesses. Taste delicacies from around the world at Spice Bridge.


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What do Argentina, Ethiopia, and the Philippines have in common with SeaTac, Des Moines, and Tukwila? Let's take a trip to the Tukwila Food Hall and find out.

This is Spice Bridge, an innovative food program that's helping women of color and immigrants start and grow their own thriving businesses. And this is just plain delicious.

Seatango owner Monica DiBartolomeo and her husband grew up in Buenos Aries, and now offer authentic Argentinian dishes and sweets at Spice Bridge.

Monica: "We love to share the flavors of our country. We use recipes and techniques we learned from our parents and grandparents to make food from scratch. The smell of the pastries in the oven take me back to Argentina so I'm so happy to give that experience to our customers, to give them a taste of Buenos Aires when they enjoy the pastries, empanadas, and everything we offer."

Liyu owns Wuha, which translates to 'water' because her inventive Ethiopian creations are as essential as water.

Liyu: "I want my food to be like that. I want it to be --- and I want it to be loved by everyone and eaten by everyone. Our food is closer to nature taste-wise and it has a different flavor so it has a power to satisfy all your palettes. I have always loved cooking because, you know, food brought people together in my country and in my family. That's what I bring to the restaurant, bringing them that home-cooked meal."

Krizia Cherece makes truly unique Filipino cuisine you'll only find at Wengay's Kitchen in Spice Bridge.

Krizia: "Filipino food reflects its culture and reflects its history. I named my business after my mom Wengay. Everything started in her kitchen. She would always cook for other people and have people over and they would always gather at her kitchen. And that inspired me to start this business, to also share what I love to do with other people."

This is just a taste of what you'll find at Spice Bridge. Proof that you don't have to go far to experience delicious food from around the world. Simply going to Tukwila will do.

Visit Spice Bridge in Tukwila.


Seattle Southside RTA couldn't have developed this program without the support of our community. We would like to thank the following people for their support in the creation of this content:

Krizia Cherece, Wengay's Kitchen

Liyu Yirdaw, Wuha

Monica Di Bartolomeo, Seatango

Kerrie Carbary, Food Innovation Network

Kara Martin, Food Innovation Network

Denise Miller, Global to Local


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