How can we help you?

Our staff is ready to assist. Whether you’re a professional travel writer, reporter, editor or producer, we offer a range of specialized services:

  • Photography: We maintain a large photo library of activities and sights in Seattle, Tacoma and Western Washington. We have prenegotiated editorial usage with photographers and provide them at no charge to members of the press.
  • Network Service: If you’re not finding the photo you need, we can turn to our network of tourism and travel associates to help you get what you are looking for.
  • Interview Arrangements: Want to land a great quote? We can help put you in contact with industry professionals.
  • Fact Checking: Need to verify some story information on our area or an industry? We’ll be happy to review your documents.
  • Seattle Southside Travel Planner: A travel guide to Seattle Southside accommodations, dining and shopping, area attractions, parks, and more. The planner also includes information about excursions and day trips, and has several area maps.

Questions? Contact Ashley Comar at