Eat, Play and Explore in Seattle Southside.

Find inspiration below to plan your perfect Seattle Southside trip, whether it's for a few hours or a few days! Learn from these travel experts on how to soak up the best the region has to offer.


Bike Ride Through Seattle Southside

One of the best ways to see the sights of Seattle Southside is on two wheels. Take a bike ride along Interurban Trail and enjoy the scenery, as well as the pit stops for food and entertainment. 


Summer is Better in Seattle Southside

If you visit Seattle Southside during the summer months, expect to spend some long, sunny days along Puget Sound. 


Explore Seattle Southside!

Tired of your own backyard? Visit Seattle Southside and explore ours!


When It's Time to Go Beyond

When you're ready to go beyond the confines of your backyard, visit ours!


Family Fun

Got any family plans this weekend? We know how hard it can be to find activities that keep everyone entertained. How about heading to Seattle Southside, where you can gear up for some adrenaline-pumping, scream-inducing, competition-raising, brain-building fun. With recreational areas, entertainment centers, and an aquarium, Seattle Southside is the perfect destination for activities to keep the whole family happy.


Family Activities 

Seattle Southside is ideal destination for families traveling with kids. Travel Enthusiast Dalia Colon takes us on a tour of Defy (formerly know as Flying Circus) and Marine Science and Technology Center.

Foodie Paradise 

Foodies, listen up: there’s a new kid on the regional culinary scene, and it’s located in you Seattle Southside. The Seattle Southside cities of Tukwila, Des Moines, and SeaTac offer some of the area’s best gastronomic experiences - taking your taste buds, up a notch with tours, terraces, and tantalizing local specialties.

Thrilling Adventures

Attention all thrill-seekers and risk-takers: Seattle Southside attractions are calling your name. In the cities of Tukwila, SeaTac, and Des Moines, you can show your bravery as a go-kart champion, experience the latest and greatest in VR technology, or launch yourself into simulated space or body flight.


Eclectic Dining Scene

Travel Enthusiast Dalia Colon explores the unique dining scene in Seattle Southside with stops at Din Tai Fung and Sharps RoastHouse

Get Your Grub On

It’s Friday. Or Tuesday. Heck, it’s any day of the week, and you’re itching for some good grub. We’re not talking about some fancy-schmancy tiny plates, but some really delicious food. Lucky for you, we found a plethora of restaurant options to satisfy your cravings just south of Seattle. Toss in the upbeat atmosphere of these hot spots, and you have the perfect recipe for family dinner on Monday, date night on Wednesday, or friend meetup on Saturday. Whatever your plans, these places are sure to hit the spot when it’s time to nosh.

Top Outdoor Experiences

There’s nothing like summer in the Pacific Northwest. The sparkle of the water, the long sunny days, the beaches to explore and trails to meander down—you should be making the most of the few short months while the sun is consistently out! But, where to go?

Paradise for Outdoorsy Types

Explore the great outdoors with Travel Enthusiast Dalia Colon as she sails on Puget Sound and roller blades down the Interurban Trail.

Get Your Amateur Sports On

While Seattle is known for its many professional sports, Travel Enthusiast Dalia Colon shows the amateur sports side of Seattle Southside at North SeaTac Park and Foster Golf Links.

Sports Scene

Calling all sports fans! Did you know there are sporting events for the whole family just minutes from downtown Seattle? Whether you’re looking to dive into the action or cheer from the stands, in Seattle Southside there are plenty of opportunities to indulge your competitive side.

Seattle Southside and Washington State Parks

Explore the parks near Seattle Southside with a Travel Enthusiast.

Explore the Seattle Southside Neighborhood: SeaTac

SeaTac is one of the three cities that makes Seattle Southside a great place to stay, play, eat and explore. Learn more about this exciting destination from a travel expert.

Explore the Seattle Southside Neighborhoods: Des Moines and Tukwila

The cities of Des Moines and Tukwila are two of the cities that make up Seattle Southside. Find out what makes this area so fun to explore.

Explore Seattle Southside Neighborhood: Burien

Explore the Burien neighborhood of Seattle Southside with a Travel Enthusiast.

Unique Experiences: Grilling School

Looking for some unique things to do in Seattle? In Seattle Southside, you can learn to BBQ like the pros and have fun doing it!

Girls Getaway to the Spa

Ladies need a little R&R from time to time and there's no better place for a day of pampering than the Spa at Cedarbrook Lodge.

Spend the Day at the Beach

Seattle Southside is nestled along miles of Puget Sound coastline. Enjoy a beach day in Seattle Southside.

Historical Hot Spots

You'll find plenty of historic landmarks and public history museums in Seattle Southside. Explore the region's vibrant past at these historical hot spots.

Natural Escapes in Seattle Southside

Become one with nature in Seattle Southside! There are plenty of opportunities to get close to the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest along Seattle Southside's miles of Puget Sound coastline.

International Dining Scene

Looking for the best restaurants in Seattle? Just south of the city, you'll find plenty of dining options from local favorites to international delights.

Plan the Ultimate Staycation

If you live in Western Washington, you don't have to go too far for a great time. There's plenty of things to do in Seattle Southside! Time for a staycation.