The Port of Seattle is pleased to offer complimentary luggage transfer to your airline at the end of your cruise.

Port Valet

Free, Convenient, Secure.

Check your luggage and receive your boarding pass on board the ship. Enjoy hassle-free disembark in Seattle.
Enjoy Seattle and travel luggage-free all the way to your destination airport.


How does the service work?

  1. Enroll early! 
    • ​​Two ways to sign up: Enroll online before your cruise, or once onboard, complete the enrollment form found in your stateroom.
    • If you have questions about eligibility, check with the guest services team on your ship. It's best to enroll during the first few days of your cruise. You can use Port Valet if you are flying with these participating airlines: Alaska, American, Delta, Horizon, Southwest, United.
  2. Drop your luggage
    The night before your cruise ends, you’ll receive your airline boarding passes and special luggage tags from your ship’s crew. Set your bags outside your cabin that evening and the ship's crew will pick them up.
    Your luggage will be securely transferred directly from the cruise ship and checked in with your airline all the way to your destination airport. You don’t have to do a thing.
  3. Enjoy Seattle and beyond
    Capitalize on your freedom and spend the day exploring Seattle in its most beautiful season. 
  4. Skip check-in at the airport
    Upon arrival at SEA Airport, proceed through security and board the plane.  Your luggage is already checked to your final destination!
  5. Track your luggage
    You can track your bags online.

Is this service really free?

The Port of Seattle values your passenger experience and is pleased to offer this complimentary service. Passengers are only responsible for airline baggage fees. Hopefully this service from ship to plane makes your travel easier and your time in Seattle more enjoyable.

Additional questions?

Check the enrollment form in your stateroom to confirm eligibility. Guest Services aboard your ship can also assist.

Participating Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines

  • American Airlines

  • Delta Air Lines

  • JetBlue

  • Southwest Airlines

  • United Airlines