How do you motivate your team? Surrender the ME for the WE! Teamwork makes the dream work! There is no "I" in Team!  While some professional groups adopt a team mantra for inspiration, many more are turning to team building activities to bridge that communication gap. 

Team building activities are an important (and fun) piece in any workplace setting. In a team environment, each individual contributes to the overall success of the group. Each individual has a specific role and as such, a different approach and method to reach that end goal. This results in a wonderful melting pot of styles and personalities.

Seattle Southside is home to several active and engaging team building activity options, perfect for bringing that melting pot together!

From group competition, to outdoor sports, to problem solving, visitors and attendees can engage their senses with a game of laser tag, indoor go-kart racing and more! These out-of-the-box team building activity ideas are engaging and unique, providing your team the tools to successfully navigate communication, productivity and morale issues.

Watch our next “Meeting Planner Tip” vlog to see all the unique team building activity ideas available to you in Seattle Southside! If you’d like more information on team building activities in Seattle Southside, please click on the links and read about the specific team building opportunities below or reach out to or 206-686-7262 to discuss your upcoming event.

iFLY Seattle puts your team to the test inside their 10-story vertical wind tunnel! iFLY offers plenty of group packages and their team building activities encourage groups to think outside the box (and inside the tunnel). Before or after your healthy dose of adrenaline, groups will have plenty of opportunities to get some work down in iFLY’s boardrooms and meeting space equipped with Wi-Fi, and audio-visual equipment.

SyKart Indoor Racing offers groups the freedom to express themselves on the raceway. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to bond a group together. SyKart offers several group packages featuring high-speed go-kart racing and a meeting space to continue the team building exercise.

Starfire Sports has 12 outdoor and two indoor pitches built for team sports. The options for team building activities are endless and what could be better than fresh air and exercise? From soccer, to flag football, to capture the flag and numerous other team building activities unique to Starfire Sports, the games demand teamwork and cooperation.

The Museum of Flight offers a team building activity unlike any other. The Challenger Learning Center puts teams at mission control at NASA for spaceflight missions to the Moon or Mars! The spaceflight simulation is an immersive experience which requires the entire team to work together to ensure a safe and successful mission. Teams will find that the experience is challenging, fun, and out of this world!