The Convenience of Seattle Southside

Are you a meeting planning professional looking for an affordable and convenient location in the Seattle area for your attendees? Our first “Meeting Planner Tip” vlog post highlights a viable solution for meeting planners looking to avoid Seattle traffic- and to create a convenient, stress free experience for their attendees.

Seattle Southside is equipped with three Link Light Rail stations that take guests from their hotel as far north as the University of Washington. The ride from Sea-Tac International Airport to downtown Seattle takes on average 30 minutes. Staying at a Seattle Southside hotel and utilizing the Link Light Rail is key for attendees! With a variety of hotels (with ample meeting space) and three convenient light rail stations connecting Seattle Southside to downtown, Seattle Southside is the solution for your next meeting.

With over 60 hotels in the Sea-Tac International Airport area, most offering free airport shuttle service, Seattle Southside is a perfect solution for attendees. Rates are as low as 20-30% less than downtown Seattle, making our hotel partners a great alternative lodging choice to downtown. In addition to the affordable rates, Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority offers enticing complimentary services for your groups!

Watch the video to see how easy it is for your attendees to get from their hotel to downtown Seattle's most popular attractions by riding the Link Light Rail! If you’d like more information on convenient hotel options that are close to the light rail, please reach out to or 206-686-7262 to discuss your upcoming event.