The Best of What is Made in Seattle Southside


Seattle Chocolates

Seattle chocolate bars 

Did you know the Pacific Northwest’s favorite sweet treats come from Seattle Southside? That’s right. Seattle Chocolates’ makes their delectable desserts at their factory store in Tukwila, Washington. They’ve been around since 1991, but they’ve only recently begun to offer factory tours with some free samples! Check them out some time and see where Marshawn Lynch makes his “BeastMode Chocolates.”


Krusteaz (Continental Mills)

Krusteaz pancakes

Pancakes sound good right about now; and there’s no better pancakes than Krusteaz “just add water” pancakes. The parent company of Krusteaz is Tukwila-based company Continental Mills, which was originally founded in 1932 by a ladies bridge club, that wanted an easy pie crust mix that could be turned into a delicious pie crust with only one additional ingredient…water. The company has grown exponentially over the years, but the great flavor of Krusteaz has remained the same. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Krusteaz factory in Kent to see how the pancake mix is made! Watch the video here


Sahale Snacks

Sahale snacks

The evergreen state is known for the great outdoors; so, it makes sense that a couple of outdoor enthusiasts that call Washington state home, came up with some of the signature Sahale Snacks trail mix combinations one day after climbing Mount Rainier. The Tukwila-based company has grown significantly since 2003, becoming a $50 million company with 150 employees; but the sustainable, delicious hiking snacks have remained as delicious and nutritious as ever. 

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