If you’ve been in the Pacific Northwest over the past few days, you already know that summer has arrived early this year. On Monday alone, all previous April temperature records were broken and it was hotter in Seattle (89°F) than Las Vegas or even Phoenix! That weather may change for a bit, but it will return sooner than you think. With so many great outdoor options around Puget Sound, it can be difficult to know where to go to make the most out of these sunny days. Well, in this blog, I will present my case for Des Moines Beach Park as the top contender in Seattle Southside.

Last weekend, my fiancée and I visited Des Moines Beach Park for the first time. I had heard it referred to as the “hidden gem” of Seattle Southside many times before, and I discovered that to be an appropriate moniker. Neither of us had been there before, even though we both grew up only thirty minutes away. Also, there weren’t a lot of people there, which I found to be quite odd considering it was a hot Saturday in April.

Des Moines Beach is a True Treasure

We managed to get a parking spot right by the fishing pier. I couldn’t imagine getting a parking spot like that at Alki Beach. As we stepped out of our car, we felt a nice Puget Sound breeze of fresh air. The beach was gorgeous and much bigger than I had expected. There were small streams, green grass and plenty of trails to traverse. Lots of people that were out that day had brought their dogs; something we wish we had done because Gordy would have loved it. Honestly, I can’t think of a park that would be more fun for a dog than Des Moines Beach Park.

We walked up and down the beach and planned on walking down the pier as well, but Tiffany was getting a little cold, so we made our way inland. We walked by the park area where kids were doing cartwheels as their parents watched from picnic tables. Yeah, this would’ve been a good park to know about as a kid…

We stopped by the Des Moines Creek for a bit before we made our way to the entrance of the Des Moines Creek Park Trail where a lone jogger was making his way out. Right next to the trailhead, was the Des Moines Beach Park Events Center and Founder’s Lodge. These historic and beautiful facilities would be perfect for a birthday party or a wedding, especially in the summer.

After we did a little more walking, we got back in our car and went home. We had a great day at Des Moines Beach Park and I don’t believe we breached the surface of everything there is to do there. This park is perfect for biking, jogging, picnicking, playing and just having a good time. So, next time we have a sunny day in Seattle, make the most out of the good weather and head down to Des Moines Beach Park!