Our chocolate adventure started in Seattle Southside when we parked our car for free at the Tukwila Light Rail Station and hopped on the train.

Chocolate Tour of Seattle by Savor Seattle Food Tours Stop at Cupcake Royale

We arrived in Seattle after a 30-minute ride, exited at Westlake Center and walked a couple blocks down to Cupcake Royale where our tour began. We met our tour guides and were given headsets to properly hear them throughout the tour. And then, the tasting began. We started with a fresh baked double chocolate cupcake with homemade hand piped frosting. It was so fluffy and the buttercream frosting was perfectly creamy. 

Our guide explained the history of the shop. Did you know they were the first cupcake bakery to open outside of New York City?! After enjoying a few more treats like a scoop of red velvet cupcake ice cream we moved next door to the Chocolate Box.

Chocolate Tour of Seattle by Savor Seattle Food Tours Stop at Chocolate Box

This chocolate store came complete with a chocolate bar with many different wines available for purchase. In the back of the store we were seated while our guides gave us a detailed account of the delicate process it takes to make chocolate.

The tour guides were fun and full of valuable information and of course we had the opportunity to taste some different types of chocolate. My favorite was the dark chocolate truffle. After our palates were satiated the walking began.

Chocolate Tour of Seattle by Savor Seattle Food Tours Stop at Dahlia's Bakery for coconut creme pie

We walked the city to Dahlia’s Bakery and along the way our guide shared more fun facts and some history on chocolate. We waited outside the bakery while our tour guide went inside and retrieved a delightful plate full of coconut crème pie topped with white chocolate flakes. This pie is famous in Seattle and guaranteed at many restaurants in the city. Tasting it, I can see why! 

The next walk down to Pike Place Market was filled with more fun trivia. The first market stop was the Confectional where we lined up for delicious cheesecake made with white chocolate and some frozen sipping chocolate said to be drank by the ancient Aztecs. Both were refreshing and delightful.

Chocolate Tour of Seattle by Savor Seattle Food Tours Stop at Indo Chocolate

Next we went down into the market to Indi Chocolate, located in the lower section of the market, where the smell of chocolate filled the hallways. Here we learned more about their process to make chocolate. This store actually makes the chocolate onsite. Interestingly, they also make many skin care products that are available to test out.

To break up the sweetness the next stop was KuKuRuza Popcorn. Of course we tried the chocolate covered popcorn but my favorite was the cinnamon bun served with white chocolate chips. We were then given time to try whatever flavor popcorn we wanted. They had flavors like maple bacon and buffalo blue cheese all were light and freshly popped.

Chocolate Tour of Seattle by Savor Seattle Food Tours Stop at Fran's Chocolates

The last stop was Fran’s Chocolates where we tried President Obama’s favorite salted caramel and learned about the history of the owner of the shop. We ended this journey just outside the Four Seasons hotel with a great view of the market.

As an extra added bonus, at the end of the tour, our guide passed out a V.I.P. membership to all of their local partners giving us a 10-15% discount for 10 days!

This tour is a must do for all ages you will learn a lot while trying all these awesome treats.

This two-hour Chocolate Indulgence Tour is hosted by Savor Seattle Food Tours and includes 16+ tastings.
Tickets: $49.99
Substitutions are NOT provided for any allergies on this tour.