One sunny afternoon I put my two kids in the car for an afternoon adventure. I told them we’d need some supplies and drove to a grocery store where I proceeded to ask them both to pick a pack of gum. Gum in hand we drove to Pike Place Market where I told them to start chewing. We blew bubbles and worked our way through the market to Post Alley to arrive at the infamous Gum Wall.

Pike Place Market Seattle Gum Wall

The Gum Wall is labeled one of the Germiest attractions in the world (second only to the Blarney Stone) and it’s a sight to behold. It stretches impossibly long and high and is both infinitely fascinating and disgusting. Surprisingly some people will make intricate designs with their gum. After we left our mark on the Gum Wall we stopped to pose with Rachel the giant piggybank to give her some love, had lunch and shopped before heading on.

Pike Place Market Seattle Family Outing

Our next stop was the largest observation wheel on the West Coast. The Great Wheel stands 175 feet tall and commands an incredible view of the waterfront in downtown Seattle. My 14 year old perked up at the sight of the mighty Ferris wheel looming ahead. My 5 year old confessed to being both nervous and excited. Luckily the lines were short and we had little time to second guess the impending ride. After you become accustomed to the view from the enclosed gondola you can really relax and enjoy the gentle ride. All in all we had a terrific afternoon. The Gum Wall and Great Wheel netted two enthusiastic thumbs up from us all!

Seattle Great Wheel Ferris Wheel

What to know before you go:

Save time and purchase tickets for the Great Wheel online so you don’t have to wait in the Ticket Buying Line and instead can head straight to the Ticket Holder Line. *Remember to print your tickets ahead of time. They can’t scan barcodes off your phone.

Great Wheel tickets start at $10.00 for children 3-11 and $15 for ages 12+, $13 for seniors 65+. Prices do not include sales tax. Children under the age of 3 are free but still require a ticket you can go directly to the “will call” window of the ticket booth if you have a little one.