I have lived in Seattle most of my life, and can honestly say I had never had a true downtown Seattle experience until last Saturday. I decided that I was going to explore Seattle, and take in all that I could from the beautiful city that I have called “home” for so many years.

My day started off early at 9 am I was off from Seattle Southside to the Link Light Rail. Where I hopped on board for the first time. This was the most convenient way of transportation possible, and I was sorry that I hadn’t utilized this perfect way of transportation yet.

Visit Seattle for a Perfect Day

A Perfect Seattle Day Great Wheel

My boyfriend and I rode the light rail to the very last stop at Westlake Center. It was about a 40 minute ride, and had great scenery along the whole way. When we got off, it was just a short walk up the entrance of Pike Place Market. Where we walked up and down the boardwalk trying to figure out from all the different food options what to try first.

The smells of Pike Place are what draw people in, from the desserts, to sea food, to barbeque, my mouth wouldn’t stop watering! Of course we tried some of the amazing chicken, and pork skewers, because they just smelled too good to not taste.

I also had a craving for mac and cheese that day, and found out Pike Place is home to one famous mac and cheese shop: Beechers Handmade Cheese, some of the best mac and cheese I have ever eaten!

My boyfriend also had a craving for some Gyros, so we found a little spot to pick some up. They looked delicious and smelled great! We found a perfect little spot where we enjoyed our food. 

After I filled up on the Mac and Cheese we decided to explore the Great Wheel. We got lots of great pictures in front, with the beautiful Puget Sound background. Though I didn’t ride the Wheel this time, the view looked amazing and just seeing it was good enough the first time.  I can say though next time I venture off to Seattle, I will definitely be riding it.

We decided to go to the Seattle Aquarium. Something that I have not done in years, and was glad I did. It was the perfect activity for us!

We both took our time looking at all the different fish tanks, and watched the sea lion show from outside. It was the perfect weather to be outside and enjoy the show, not too hot or cold. It was a great atmosphere with lots to check out at the aquarium I really got my full money’s worth.

After that we ventured off to the famous Gum Wall in Seattle. I have heard people talk about this for years, and was always so intrigued. 

A Perfect Seattle Day Gum Wall

The gum wall is exactly what it sounds like, and everything I imagined it to be. After placing pieces of our own gum on the wall, we were off to enjoy the waterfront before heading back home.

It was the end to a perfect day. The views from the waterfront were amazing. There was free entertainment all around us, with music and vendors, there was never a dull moment. We decided it was time to start heading back to the Central Link Light Rail. Where we waited a short time, and the rail arrived to pick us up and took us right back to the Tukwila station.

It was the perfect Seattle day. Transportation was easy, the food was great, and the activities were a blast. I will have to make another trip back soon to see everything I couldn’t this trip!