I can finally say I have been on the Seattle Great Wheel on the Downtown Seattle Waterfront! As an abrupt change in birthday plans, I was surprised with a quick trip to the Great Wheel! It was going to be the first time for everyone, and I am so glad I was able to experience it with my family.

We were lucky and found FREE parking about 1.5 blocks away from Pier 57. Once we arrived at the end of the pier, we bought our tickets at the ticket booth. It was $13 per adult and because our boys were under 4-years-old, they were free; so for our family of 4, it was only $26!

Take a Ride on The Great Wheel in Seattle!

We entered the purchased ticket line and proceeded into a small shed. Inside, there was someone, who took photos of us against a green screen! We took one normal photo, and then a silly one! The photographer told us once our ride was over, we would be able to view and purchase our photos near the exit. We then continued to the Great Wheel line. My eldest finally realized that we were going to ride the Wheel, so he became extremely excited! He waited patiently in line and was all smiles the entire time!

Our turn came up, and we boarded the all-glass gondola (except for the floor). It was very spacious inside, able to fit up to 8 people.

During the ride on the Great Wheel, you loop around 3 times before the ride is over, making it about a 15-minute excursion.

Fifteen minutes may not seem long at all, but it was just right. We enjoyed every minute of it, and the ride actually reminded me of how I can feel a little nervous from the height! Both my kids enjoyed the ride, and my eldest truly loved it!

Be sure to check out the Seattle Great Wheel on Pier 57 on your next stay in Seattle Southside. It's only 20 minutes away.

The entire trip is time efficient and is greatly satisfying!