On May 8th, RTA President & CEO Katherine Kertzman spoke about the current state of the industry and how the RTA is planning a tourism recovery strategy in a special SMART Webinar put on by the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce and SMART. 

For those who missed it, the entire webinar has been posted to YouTube and can be viewed below.

About SMART: The Southside Mitigation and Recovery Taskforce is administered by the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce with cooperation and additional support from our partners, municipal collaborators, and regional agencies who will work to find real solutions to the challenges our community faces as we confront the human and economic impacts of COVID-19.

Industry leaders from all major sectors of our local economy, subject matter experts, and government agencies will convene (virtually) at least once a week from March 27 through August 28, 2020. These meetings will be a forum to share insight and information, guide decision making, and create multiple action plans with both public and private support that serve the direct needs of our communities.