Active Marketing Promotions

Each business is different, but it is typically recommended to limit active marketing promotions if doing so might come across as offensive to clients (and therefore result in the exact opposite reaction than desired) or if your product is currently unavailable. This is a time to build relationships virtually with clients, provide resources and services, and be sensitive to the fears and loss of clients. During this tumultuous time, pivoting your marketing messaging will go a long way to build trust with your clients.


Google My Business

Many more people than ever are online right now, and they may be googling your business. Here are a few tips on how businesses can provide accurate information to their customers: 

  • If your hours of operation have changed, edit your Business Profile on Google.
  • Use Posts to communicate information directly on your Business Profile on Google, like special offers or inventory updates.
  • Consider setting an email auto-reply with answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Google has also now made it easier for businesses to mark they are ‘temporarily closed’. You can read more on Google’s response to COVID-19 here


Social Media

Like the web, more people than ever are turning to social media to connect with loved ones, learn about recent developments, and dream of the day they will travel again. This is where you can be creative. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma has drawn national attention for their social media posts during this time.

Keep up with your social media, but alter the message to be sensitive to others. That doesn't mean you can't entertain! Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Showcase what your company is doing to provide support services to the community

  • Post interesting facts and stories about your business

  • Virtually showcasing your product in an engaging way or share virtual tour videos

  • Share fun games or tips for parents with children at home

  • Offer short virtual classes relevant to your business

  • Provide your restaurant's favorite recipe

  • Begin a virtual fundraiser

  • Be Creative! 

Don't forget to add #SeattleSouthside to all posts so that we can like and share with our network of followers.


Meetings & Events Business Development

It is time to pivot messaging to meeting planners and tour operators. This is not the time to sell, but it is the time to show compassion, support, and understanding.  Relationships can deepen during difficult times, which increases trust when it comes time to reschedule that meeting. When it does become appropriate to begin selling again, the meetings that come back first will be within the drive market. Strategize now for a regional promotion when appropriate. 

Knowland, a provider of meetings market intelligence data, developed a good webinar called, "COVID-19: Preparing Today for Success Tomorrow". Watch it here.