Seattle Southside Art

Historically, the Pacific Northwest has cultivated and produced legendary artists who have created incredible works of sharable art. Artists throughout Seattle Southside have contributed to this creative legacy, creating beautiful works of public art that are now peppered throughout the region.



Big Catch Statue

Artist Richard Beyer created the controversial Big Catch statue in Des Moines. He also created the tale about the statue and took the secrets of the sculpture to his grave.

two young sisters playing near Big Catch Plaza Statue in Des Moines Washington of Giant Fish and Man Kissing

Robert Morris Earthwork

Artist Robert Morris converted an abandoned gravel pit into a work of art in nature, a gathering place, and internationally-celebrated destination. 

Robert Morris Earthwork public art under blue sky and clouds

The Cloud at Angle Lake Light Rail Station

This shimmering, glittering art installation named, "The Cloud," at the light rail station marks the beginning or an end to any journey. 

Angle Lake Light Rail Station


Maury Island Incident Mural

In 1947, weeks before the infamous Roswell incident, two men had a close encounter with UFOs off the shores of Des Moines. Discover the art mural that displays the entire event.

Mural of UFO over boat in Puget Sound