MoPOP - Museum of Pop Culture

  • Address: 325 5th Avenue N, Seattle, WA 98109
  • Phone: (206) 262-3466
  • Website: View

Attraction Amenities

  • Admission Fee: $19.00 - $31.00
  • Parking Fee: Street Parking
  • Recommended Duration: 3 hours

At MoPOP, you can learn to pay the guitar, jam to a crowd of screaming virtual fans, and be inspired by our amazing rotating exhibits of popular music legends, science-fiction icons, and the worlds of fantasy and horror. Current exhibits include: SCARED TO DEATH, THE JIM HENSON EXHIBITION, BOWIE BY MICK ROCK, STAR TREK: EXPLORING NEW WORLDS, INDIE GAME REVOLUTION, SOUND LAB. For details of each exhibit visit visit MoPoP's website.

Experience Music, Science Fiction, and more at MoPOP in Seattle

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