I have two sons, two years apart. Both are autistic and have special needs; and those needs definitely differ from each other. My youngest loves animals, and even calls the zoo, “Jungle." He ALWAYS wants to go to the jungle. My eldest, on the other hand, would rather play in the park all day, every day, or play video games if he can. So, bringing both to the zoo can be quite a challenge in order to satisfy and tend to both of their needs. 

The sun has made its valiant return to the Pacific Northwest and now is the time to make the most of it! Here at the Seattle Southside RTA, we like to take our local hotel staffers out on regular familiarization (FAM) tours of the area so that they can experience the attractions and restaurants for themselves. A week ago, our friends at Shuttle Express picked us up from the SSRTA headquarters and took us to the Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden and California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.