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Successful Family Reunion

Last year, my family held our reunion in the Seattle Southside area of Washington State. Our family is spread throughout the United States and Germany, so getting the family together every few years is a special treat. Initially, the goal was to organize our family reunion every five years in both…

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U.S.S. Oklahoma City Association Reunion Showcase

The U.S.S. Oklahoma City Association held its 2019 annual reunion in the area known as Seattle Southside. As the name indicates, the area is south of the expensiveness of Seattle itself but only a short 20-minute bus ride into the city. The Association had discussed holding a reunion in the Seattle…

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Planning the Anderson Family Reunion

Recently, ourfamily held a special reunion in the Seattle Southside area. Our family reunion is every two (2) years, hosted in a different city. How it generally works, is that a host/hosts volunteer to host the next reunion and a place is chosen. 2018 was in Seattle Southside, a destination in which we found to be one of the best family reunion locations on the west coast, and in 2020, we plan to host our reunion in Atlanta, Georgia…

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4 Tips to Planning a Successful Military Reunion

LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION. Selecting a destination can have a major impact on attendance. When it comes to choosing a location, think of the three C’s: Convenience, Comfort and Captivation. Here are some questions to ask yourself before booking: Where’s the nearest international airport? Are…

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