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Our team is always on top of new industry events, trends and ideas. Check out what we have learned to help you plan your Seattle Southside event.


U.S.S. Oklahoma City Association Reunion Showcase

The U.S.S. Oklahoma City Association held its 2019 annual reunion in the area known as Seattle Southside. As the name indicates, the area is south of the expensiveness of Seattle itself but only a short 20-minute bus ride into the city. The Association had discussed holding a reunion in the Seattle…

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Meeting Planning in Seattle Southside: Jeff Lovell

President and Executive Director of the Automotive Service Association, Jeff Lovell details his experience planning a meeting at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport with the Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority. For twelve years, Jeff Lovell and the Automotive Service…

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Meeting Planner Tip #4: Unique Culinary Experiences

Spice it Up! These days, the standard seated lunch has become all too common for meetings and events. Meeting planners should consider all their options when it comes to keeping event attendees engaged and excited for what's next! This process starts and ends with the dining experience. Looking…

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Military Reunions in Seattle Southside

Our resident expert on military reunions, Vice President of Sales & Services Meagan McGuire, details her experience working with meeting planners and reunions planners on the Military Reunion Network Radio Show. Click play to listen to the interview…

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Meeting Planner Tip #3: Team Building Activities

How do you motivate your team? Surrender the ME for the WE! Teamwork makes the dream work! There is no "I" in Team! While some professional groups adopt a team mantra for inspiration, many more are turning to team building activities to bridge that communication gap. Team building activities are an…

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Meeting Planner Tip #2: Natural Lighting

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for attendees to leave a meeting feeling revitalized? Maybe you’ve had a difficult time staying alert during a meeting? Studies show that utilizing natural light in a meeting space environment could improve productivity by 8%. Considering the benefits that natural light has…

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Meeting Planner Tip #1: Riding the Link Light Rail

The Convenience of Seattle Southside Are you a meeting planning professional looking for an affordable and convenient location in the Seattle area for your attendees? Our first “Meeting Planner Tip” vlog post highlights a viable solution for meeting planners looking to avoid Seattle traffic- and to…

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