Michelle Meeks

What a great way to spend a beautiful fall evening as we were able to with a guided tour of the Chihuly Garden and Glass. I have known of Chihuly’s work since I was young growing up in this area, but this was my first opportunity to experience it for myself!

The museum galleries interestingly are designed to follow the timeline and progression of Chihuly’s work which in the beginning was really experimentation to discover all he could do in the world of blown glass. It was fascinating to learn each piece takes 3 or 4 people to get the timing just right for the shaping and coloring. Where you would think paint had to have been used, every streak is glass in what I have learned is a lengthy, complex and diligent process.

I discovered he favors other art forms as well and sometimes just needs to “let it out” as you will see on canvases along the walls. His technique of openly splattering paint on the floor and using brooms or other ordinary items you’d find in a shop to have a heyday creating whatever your heart desires sounds like an amazing idea for a party I’m already putting together in my head!

I have to say though, I was most drawn to the garden displays outside and being there at dusk gave the perfect ambience with lighting of the glass and foliage, absolutely magnificent! I can only imagine how many people to whom money is not an issue have requested such landscaping only to be denied for Chihuly does not do personal requests regardless of the offer.

The many shapes, designs and colors of the glass displays had me in awe and they all seem to flow with a common thread of tranquility. Now knowing his work is heavily influenced by his love of the northwest, I find it amazing and an honor the beauty in our own backyard has inspired this meticulously executed artwork known and admired worldwide.

Joanne Williamson

Recently I had a private tour of Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, featuring the art work of Dale Chihuly. This was my first visit and I came away absolutely astounded. It was a treat for the ocular senses. My tour guide Randy Cote was very knowledgeable, personable and had a true love for Dale Chihuly’s creations. My favorite exhibit was the Garden, featuring paths lined with trees, plants and flowers. My eyes were immediately drawn to the crystal and icicle towers with their vibrant shades of blue, red, and purple. Another favorite was the “Collection Café,” featuring an assortment of items that Dale Chihuly has collected throughout the decades.  

Michael Dean

The Chihuly Garden and Glass gallery is one of Seattle's newer attractions. At just five years old, it’s become one of the most requested tours for the city. Your gallery exhibits begin with a brief history of Mr. Chihuly and then you flow through eight different themed galleries, the impressive Glasshouse and the Chihuly Garden. A few helpful hints I picked up on tour are: going towards sundown will bring an alien feel to the lighted garden and you can eat in the cafe without admission. Good luck trying to count the bottle openers in the men’s restroom as I lost track at seventy.