I have lived in Seattle all of my life but never had the chance to go to Seattle’s most famous landmark, the Space Needle! I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Space Needle to celebrate my fiancé’s birthday. I was even more lucky that it was sunny that day!

We drove to downtown and were able to find parking! We ate at one of our favorite sushi spots called Japonessa, which is near Pike Place Market. It’s a sushi restaurant that has a hint of Latino flair! We weren’t very hungry, so we just ate our favorite appetizers, which were the brie cheese and calamari salad! Yuuum, my favorite!

We then went to the third floor of Westlake Mall to take the Monorail to Seattle Center, which is where the Space Needle is located. Once we arrived at Seattle Center, we purchased our tickets and entered the Space Needle. We saw a cool gift shop while walking to the elevators to go to the observational deck.  It’s a great place to go to get awesome souvenirs of the Space Needle and Seattle! They even had Seattle sports gear!

As we waited for the elevator to take us to the top we had our photo taken against a green screen and were told we could view it once we got to the top.

Finally, as we were in the glass elevator it was a little scary but really cool at the same time! I am a little afraid of heights, but the view going up to the observation deck was totally worth it! While we were in the elevator going up, the elevator operator told us a quick 30-45 seconds about Seattle! I was very impress with how much information she told us in less than a minute!

We finally arrived at the top of the Space Needle! We explored around inside before going outside to the observation deck. There were a bunch of huge touch screens! At one of them, we scanned our tickets and were able to see the photo taken earlier by the elevator.

I was very impressed with the wall of screens! You can sign in the guest book and learn about the history of the different parts of Seattle! It even shows where visitors were from and how many people have signed the guest book (Over 50 million FYI)! I felt like we were in the future for a second!

We finally went outside to the observation deck; and let me tell you… It was breathtaking!!! It was one of the prettiest views I have ever seen! It was so gorgeous! It wasn’t just a view of the city, but also nature as well! You could see Mount Rainer in the background as well at the Puget Sound!

We wanted to stay until it got dark so we could see the different views during the day time and at night! It was definitely beautiful and I felt like I was in a dream! I literally felt like I was on cloud 9! The sunset was so gorgeous and romantic!

Overall, it was an amazing experience to go to the Space Needle and to see the beautiful view of my city! I recommend going the Space Needle if you like beautiful views! It doesn’t matter if you’re a city or nature lover, the view on top of the Space Needle has both the city and nature! I also recommend going there at least an hour before sunset and an hour (or at least 30 minute) after sunset to see the Pacific Northwest in different, but equally breathtaking settings! 

Up in Cloud 9 on top of the Space Needle Blog Night and Day


Observation Deck – General Admission

Regular (ages 13-64)               $19 ($21 on site)

Senior 65+                                     $17 ($19 on site)

Youth (4-12)                                $12 (13 on site)

King County (with Valid ID) $16


Day/Night (Visit TWICE in 24 hours)

Regular (ages 13-64)               $29 ($31 on site)

Senior 65+                                     $27  ($29 on site)

Youth (4-12)                                $16($18 on site)