We’re fortunate here in Seattle Southside to be so close to the wonders of Puget Sound. Take a drive along WA-509 South to Dash Point and you’ll get some great views along the way. You might even see a state park or two…

If you’re travelling to Tacoma from Seattle, I-5 is your most direct route. Think of WA-509 as the scenic route to get from point A to B. Where I-5 stays in a more or less straight line, 509 follows the coastline of Puget Sound, offering tremendous views and some great areas to pull off and experience the Pacific Northwest.

From Seattle Southside, the first offshoot from 509 that you might want to check out would be the Des Moines/Redondo Beach area. Here you have plenty of beaches and parks, delicious seafood restaurants like Salty’s and Anthony’s HomePort and Saltwater State Park. Check out our Redondo blog for a more detailed description of that area.

Continue along 509 South and you’ll eventually begin to head west and curve around Poverty Bay. In no time at all, you’ll wind up in Dash Point State Park. Fun options abound in this sound side state park. They have a tremendous beach for swimming and fishing, plenty of forested hiking and biking trails, wildlife viewing and picnic and barbecuing. Plus, one of the most popular activities to do at Dash Point during low tide is skim boarding! Skim boarding is essentially a cross between surfing and skateboarding as you have a short, flat board and ride it as the tide recedes. Skim boarding is so popular at Dash Point that they even have camps and competitions at the park!

Once you’ve had your fill at Dash Point, hop back on 509 check out Browns Point Lighthouse Park. Take a journey back in time to the nineteenth century at this uniquely shaped lighthouse. The lighthouse is perfectly situated on Browns Point, offering stunning, panoramic views of Puget Sound. The perfect combination of history and scenic views makes Browns Point #instagramworthy.

If you take 509 South to the end, all the way to I-705, you’ve made it to arguably Tacoma’s finest museum. The Museum of Glass is home to awe-inspiring works of art, all made out of glass! From Dave Chihuly’s “Bridge of Glass,” to the marine life inspired “Into the Deep” collection, the Museum of Glass is sure to impress. Even the building itself is a work of art! Just look for the inverted metal cone, and you’ve found it!