Joanne Williamson

Have you had an opportunity to check out Seattle’s newest attraction on pier 57 on the waterfront of downtown Seattle? If not, then Wings over Washington, is a must-see experience for both tourists and those native to this region.

Two of my coworkers and I recently experienced Wings over Washington for ourselves. Although it was the month of December, on a cold brisk night, it was a treat to the senses to see the waterfront all lit up with such colorful lights. Parking was not an issue for this event. Maybe because of the cold weather, people decided not to venture out. At any rate, we found a place to park right in front of the event.

Wings over Washington is the illusion of flying over scenic locations throughout Washington state. You literally feel like an eagle flying high in the open sky. All the while there is a big screen that projects birds, planes, hot air balloons, mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests. At one point, you fly over Carnation, Washington and view the fields of Carnation flowers along with their scents. You also smell the scent of pine in the Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula. It was truly a captivating experience to which I look forward to doing again.

Meenakshi Bansal

Entrance to Wings of Washington Flying RideBe ready to fly like an Eagle at Wings over Washington where the ride takes you on a journey to Washington state. On Wednesday evening, my friends and I had the chance to go to Wings over Washington for a 7-minute ride which gave us all a chance to visit the most beautiful places in Washington state. During this journey, I had the feeling that I was visiting those places in-person, with the smell of fresh flowers, and the feeling of water when we flew over Snoqualmie Falls. When you don’t have too much time but still would like an adventure, Wings over Washington is the place to be.

Yuka Makita

I went to Wings Over Washington in December, 2019. This new attraction is located on the waterfront in Seattle. It was an aerial adventure, so you will feel like you’re actually flying. I was so excited to ride it. I’ll tell you a little about this adventure ride…First, I sat down in the seat, and then I watched the video. I was getting progressively more excited by this video. After the video, I finally embarked on my aerial adventure. I just sat down in the seat in front of the theatre, but I was flying as if l became a bird. I saw many beautiful places in Washington during the adventure. When you ride this ride, you will see the Olympic National Forest and Mt. Rainier, all the way to the San Juan Islands. It was so beautiful. Also, you will detect various smells throughout the ride. My favorite was the flowers over Carnation! Overall, I thought it was a great way to experience Washington state as a whole. If you visit Washington for any reason, you should experience Wings Over Washington. I am sure you will have a great time, just like I did!