Katherine is a self-proclaimed "foodie" and “garden enthusiast.” She loves growing fruits and vegetables in the raised beds she and her family built in her backyard. From her garden, she creates delicious and creative meals. When she has a craving for something not in her garden Katherine heads out to the many farmers markets and local farms in Seattle Southside. Today, we are going to follow her around as she hits up her favorite spots to get the finest local produce.

Her first stop is close to her home and one of her favorite farm shops, Carpinito Brothers is a great place to get the best of the season's produce! Their selection is great, and the prices are right. This shop is located on land owned by two brothers who sell their wares to the public. Today they have fresh salad greens and rhubarb featured along with lots of vegetable starts and so much more.

How to Pick the Perfect Rhubarb

Pink stalks popping up in the yard are the first edible harbingers that spring has sprung. If you are not lucky enough to have a backyard patch, you will find rhubarb available for sale from April through July depending on where you live and your local weather conditions. Choose rhubarb with straight, crisp, well-colored stalks and unblemished leaves. Be sure to compost the leaves - they contain oxalic acid and can be toxic to humans - though toxic to humans - they decompose naturally in your compost. It is perfectly safe to compost rhubarb leaves, just don't eat your compost!

Burien Farmer's Market

Burien Farmers Market

Next she heads to another spot in Burien to search for a birthday gift for her mother. The Burien Farmers Market is in the Town Square Plaza and has vendors selling handmade jewelry, cookies, flowers, comb honey, handmade gluten free pasta, specialty vinegars and more.

After enjoying a fresh hand dipped chocolate strawberry, something catches her eye. She stops at a booth called Colors on Silk where the owner designs custom silk scarves in every color. The one Katherine picks up is light blue and has swirls over it. "My mom loves the color blue!" After telling the vendor the scarf is a gift, she wraps it up in tissue and places it in a brown bag. Mission number 2: Accomplished!

Des Moines Farmers Market

Des Moines Farmers Market

To wrap up the shopping adventure, Katherine heads to the Des Moines waterfront where nestled in the marina is the Des Moines Farmers Market. "This is my favorite place to come to for large fresh green tomatoes. My family just loves fried green tomato sandwiches." Along the way, she stops and talks to the vendors she has come to know, making her way to the fresh produce booths. After tasting a sample of the juicy local cherries she buys a bag of perfectly grown farm fresh green tomatoes and heads back to her truck. Once she drops her purchases off at the truck, she walks across the parking lot to Anthony's Home Port where her son and his girlfriend are waiting to have lunch with her out on the deck overlooking the magnificent view of Puget Sound and nearby islands.