It’s Friday. Or Tuesday. Heck, it’s any day of the week, and you’re itching for some good grub. We’re not talking about some fancy-schmancy tiny plates, but some really delicious food. Lucky for you, we found a plethora of restaurant options to satisfy your cravings just south of Seattle. Toss in the upbeat atmosphere of these hot spots, and you have the perfect recipe for family dinner on Monday, date night on Wednesday, or friend meetup on Saturday. Whatever your plans, these places are sure to hit the spot when it’s time to nosh.

Discover the Culinary Melting Pot that is Seattle Southside


Sharps Roasthouse

The family-run Sharps Roasthouse has been perfecting their craft of succulent meat and craft-made spirits for generations. With a family history that spans from Austria to Wisconsin, the family landed in the Seattle area more than 25 years ago, and Seattle Southside residents are now the lucky neighbors of this drool-worthy dining experience. Their secret weapon? The one-of-a-kind 25-foot custom Radiant Roaster. They’ve got 14-hour slow-cooked prime rib, ribs cold-smoked over Washington Applewood, and spit-roasted, locally-sourced chickens.

While at Sharps, be sure you don’t miss their out-of-this-world cocktails featuring their house-made, small-batch liquors. Treat yourself to tequila aged in custom white oak barrels, 8-hour filtered vodka, or whiskey made in their made-to-order casks. Throw that into one of their $5 scratch martinis and Manhattans, and it’s downright sinful.

Odin Brewery*

Calling all beer-heads. Odin Brewery in Tukwila is the perfect Southside spot to kick-back and enjoy a cold brew. They’ve got a great selection of housemade creative microbrews, in a laid-back industrial setting with both indoor and outdoor seating.

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking they only serve beer. Unlike many Seattle breweries, Odin’s features a full menu of tasty dishes to nibble on. They have shareable plates like tacos, sliders, hummus, and their signature Viking Plate (literally a platter full of different meats). Or if you want to go big (and then go home and take a nap), go for their Southern-inspired entrees like a pulled pork or brisket sandwich with mac and cheese and cornbread. Wash it all down with their frosty IPA.

* Closed

Mizuki Buffet

If unlimited sushi and seafood is your game, Mizuki Buffet is the name. In fact, this may just be the fanciest all-you-can-eat buffet outside of Vegas. And it’s in Southcenter, only a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown Seattle.

Head to Mizuki to gorge yourself on over 40 selections of sushi and sashimi, not to mention Alaskan snow crab legs, oysters, jumbo shrimp, clams, and mussels. Have some members of your dining party who aren’t so into fish? No worries there, Mizuki features a wide array of Asian and Western-inspired dishes, like beef and chicken teriyaki, tempura, BBQ ribs, dim sum, and steak, plus a huge variety of gourmet salads and desserts. You might need to take turns using a wheelchair to get everyone out of the restaurant and into the car.

Des Moines Doghouse

If you’re looking for a no-fuss neighborhood joint while roaming around Seattle Southside, look no further than Des Moines Doghouse. Their menu features a huge assortment of hot dogs and sausages, with classic sides like potato salad, coleslaw, and fries. Or, try out one of their signature sides cooked up by their Colombian chef, and inspired by her regional cuisine. We’re talking chorizo, empanadas, and arepa - a sort of a cheesy cornmeal pancake - which tastes just as good as it sounds.

After your dogs, head over to the Waterland Arcade, for a bunch of old-school games like skeeball, classic pinball games, and head-to-head Sega racing. Top it all off with a beer from their famous Sand Bar, and you’ve got yourself the perfect laid-back date night.

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