The city of Burien is made up of a unique blend of boutique shops, urban art, independent restaurants, and natural oases that combine to create one truly vibrant city. I recently paid a visit to Burien and discovered that the hype was real…this city is magnetic!

Tin Room

I began my day at the natural wonder of Burien, Seahurst Park. On my drive to the park, I found it fascinating that one moment I was in the heart of the city, and only seconds later I was driving through a lush, green forest. The forest opened up to a beautiful view and refreshing scent of Puget Sound. Walking through the trees and along the creek to the beach felt like a true Pacific Northwest experience. Words cannot describe the sensation of serenity that you feel when you walk along the beach and through the trails that run parallel to the water.

Seahurst Park

After my relaxing morning at the beach, I hopped back in my car and made my way downtown to SW 152nd street. The street reminded me of everything I love about West Seattle or Ballard. I didn’t see any boring big box stores, but I did see plenty of beautiful art: murals, sculptures, and beautifully painted signs and buildings. Not to mention, the boutique shops and eateries were plenty: The Tin Room Bar, Medzo Gelato Bar, 909 Coffee & Wine, Unique Bridal Boutique, Burien Books, Sweet Breeze Ice Cream, Be Yoga Burien, Squid’s Ink Tattoo, Smarty Pants Garage, Phoenix Tea Shop & The Australian Pie Company, just to name a few.

Burien Farmers Market

The street culminated in the Burien Farmers’ Market in the town square. I loved all the fresh produce, colorful flowers, unique cookies (blackberry orange!), and all the various jewelry and knick knacks for sale. It’s amazing how walkable this city is. Of course, if you want your car, there’s plenty of free parking throughout the city, but it’s easy to see why the city has so many popular events. From the UFO Festival, to the Arts-a-Glow Lantern Festival to the Burien Winterfest, the Burien city center seems a perfect fit for any quirky party or event.

To sum it up, Burien weaves together the evergreen wonders of Western Washington with the artistic, free-spirited vibe of downtown Seattle. I had a great time in Burien and I plan to return very soon. I won’t rest until I’ve eaten at all the restaurants!