Some of the best things to do in Seattle Southside are the quirky, out-of-the-box attractions that might not receive as much media coverage as the Space Needle or Pike Place Market. The Waterland Arcade is every positive memory you have from your childhood crammed into one colorful location in Des Moines, Washington. What makes the Waterland Arcade one of the top attractions in Seattle Southside is more than the great selection of arcade games, wax pack trading cards, and vinyl records; it’s the welcoming and laid-back vibe of the employees, patrons, and surrounding community.

Stepping through the front door of the Waterland Arcade is like stepping foot into a nostalgic dream. Dozens of classic pinball machines and arcade games line the walls under a blue-purple light. At the bar, you’ll have 25+ craft beer options to choose from and nearly as many wax packs featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Batman, and more. Just south of the air hockey table, you’ll find hundreds of unique and rare vinyl records to choose from. On any given night, you might find professional DJs spinning these records for gamers and dancers alike. Nearly every night has a different theme from Star Wars, to Stranger Things, to Kids Karaoke, and more.

General Managers Monty Hatheway and David Cruz love their job and their passion for the business shines through with every customer interaction. They credit owners Jason and Katie Bliss with the uniquely fun, welcoming atmosphere of the arcade.

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