Legacy Gaming Community is what Founder, Juanrean Cooper, calls “a new age arcade”. Much more than the average gaming café, patrons will now have access to multiple gaming options, including the best, cutting-edge graphics in gaming and the fastest, most powerful PCs that maximize a game’s full potential in a way very few players can achieve at home.

This gaming lounge is different from traditional video arcades because there are no machines to put quarters into. Instead, the facility specializes in four forms of gaming experiences: virtual reality, high-level PC gaming, competitive console gaming, and retro gaming. Gamers can rent 30-minute incremental time and play a variety of genres based on personal interest. In addition, Legacy Gaming hopes to bring together the gaming community by enabling gamers to blog on their website and by being the hub for future growth in e-sports tournaments.  

Virtual Reality at Legacy Gaming in Tukwila Washington

Cooper’s development plan also includes an emphasis on giving back to the local community. He sees this establishment as becoming a village for youth and young adults to develop relationships and support one another. By using gaming as a learning incentive, Cooper plans to launch an after-school program in partnership with local educators to tutor low-income children in math, science, reading, and writing. In addition, Cooper plans to offer internships for those studying game design, computer science, or education. By mentoring young adults, who then in-turn mentor youth, Cooper hopes to establish a “full-circle foundation” and create a learning-focused community that is also fun.  

Legacy Gaming Lounge in Tukwila WashingtonTeambuilding and birthday party packages are available for your tech-savvy friends and all Seattle Southside RTA partners receive a 5% discount for their opening celebration. 

Check out Legacy Gaming Community’s virtual tour here.

Don’t miss Legacy Gaming’s Grand Opening on April 16th at 1 pm, where they will be giving away apparel as well as four free 30-minute gaming slots to four lucky individuals. Tours are also available upon request.

The Regional Tourism Authority welcomes this new innovative attraction to Seattle Southside!