Hoopin' It Up with the Seattle Storm WNBA ChampionsThank you Seattle Southside for inviting me to the Seattle Storm Community Practice event  at Tyee High school! At the event my family and I met several players including Sue Bird, Alysha Clark, Jenna O'Hea and Temeka Johnson. In addition to teaching my kids new basketball skills, giving autographs and posing for photos, the Seattle Storm gave four tickets to a home game of our choice to every family. What a wonderful event!

Hoopin' It Up with the Seattle Storm WNBA Champions at Key Arena

For our home game we chose the New York Liberty game. We drove to Seattle for the event and paid to park, however I would recommend taking the Light Rail and the Monorail to the event to avoid traffic and expensive parking lots.

We arrived a little early to grab a bite to eat before the game. Quincy’s was a great choice for burgers and fish n chips because the food was quite tasty while being affordable and the service was fast.

Quincy's in Seattle

After dinner we walked a couple of blocks to the Key Arena carrying our leftovers, however as we soon found out, no outside food is allowed in the stadium. When we entered we were given free Bambams (noise making sticks) to help cheer on the team.

As we looked for our seats we saw the Seattle Storm gift shop where many fun souvenirs were available for purchase. We stopped in to pick out some t-shirts to show our Storm pride.

Hoopin' It Up with the Seattle Storm WNBA Champions at Key Arena

Once the game started it was action packed excitement! During time-outs the fan squad sling-shot t-shirts into the crowd and my husband actually caught one the perfect size for our daughter.  There is also a young adult dance team that comes out to perform and interact with the kids.

At half time there a special tribute to Inspiring Woman of Seattle and the selected woman were honored and recognized to extremely loud applause. 

Let’s not forget about had what they call the Doppler Train! During the first time-out in the fourth quarter all the kids in the crowd are invited to run on to the court and form a Conga-style train behind the team mascot, Doppler.

This was our first live basketball game and it was high energy and action packed throughout the evening. The atmosphere is a truly family friendly experience and I can't wait to bring my kids with us next time!

       Here are some tips to know before you go to the game:

Wear Storm colors - green and yellow with red accents;

Bring creative signs to the game;

Make friends with the Storm fans sitting next to you;

Remain standing until the Storm scores for the first time and repeat for the beginning of the second half;

When we say "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" you say, "Oi, Oi, Oi!";

Hoopin' It Up with the Seattle Storm WNBA Champions at Key Arena        And most important, BE LOUD ... REALLY LOUD!

The game went into overtime and the energy in the stadium stayed constant until the end. Unfortunately the Storm lost to New York by 4 points but I know the can do it next time!

I recommend this for all. It was fun and affordable for the whole family.