The home opener for the Seattle Seahawks was an exciting game against the San Francisco 49ers. My friend, Lindsey and I picked up tickets to the game and here is how it went:

We rode the light rail from Seattle Southside to CenturyLink Field for a quick and painless trip. Sometimes parking can be up to $50 near the stadium! And traffic can get pretty backed up before and after the game. The light rail is your best bet and at $5.50 round trip, it is a great deal for just a 30-minute trip.

Football Fanatics 12th man Cheer on the Seahawks Against the 49ers at CenturyLink FieldAfter exiting the train at the Stadium station, we walked along with other excited Seahawks fans. We headed to the Elysian Brewery for pregame drinks and snacks. Since it is located right across the street from the stadium, it was crazy packed! If you are looking for good beer and excited fans, stop here. If you want something a little more speedy on game day, steer a little further from CenturyLink like ‎Hooverville, Henry's, or Pyramid Alehouse.Football Fanatics Cheer on the Seahawks Against the 49ers

Fueled up for the game, we left the brewery and arrived at the stadium. I wanted to get there early enough to find our seats so we wouldn't miss the flying of the Hawk, the real life mascot for the Seahawks. Once Taima the Hawk, named by Seahawks fans (Taima means "thunder"), flies out, the players run on to the field and it's game time!

Football Fanatics Cheer on the Seahawks Against the 49ersWith the strong rivalry between the Seahawks and the 49ers the game was highly anticipated and the fans came dressed in their best gear and had a great 12th man attitude.

Another exciting component of the game included trying to break the world record  for noise. I came prepared with earplugs and a loud cheering voice. Our hard work paid off because we broke the record!

Football Fanatics Cheer on the Seahawks Against the 49ers

The game was very exciting with multiple interceptions, touchdowns and lightening! The lightening caused a delay in the game when they asked the players to leave the field.

Once play resumed, the Seahawks "used physical defense and a balanced offensive attack to dominate the San Francisco 49ers 29-3." Way to go Hawks!

Here is a wrap up of the game.

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