One tour with Tours Northwest and I’m sold. Their door to door pickups and customer service were well worth it.

My son and I chose to do the Boeing Factory tour because he loves planes and behind the scenes tours. 

Get a Good Look at Jets being made at the Boeing Factory in Everett, Washignton


All Aboard!
Tours Northwest picks up guests at hotels in SeaTac, Tukwila and Kent along with Downtown Seattle. We were picked 
up from Seattle Southside Visitor Center.

As we boarded the tour bus, the driver had us each introduce ourselves to the other passengers and say a little bit about where we were from. She was very friendly and personable getting to know the other guests was fun. People were from all over the world. On our bus we had visitors from London, New Zealand, New Jersey, California, Virginia and my son and I are born and raised here in Washington. Knowing a little about each person was fun and made it interesting.

As we drove through Seattle to the factory located north of the city in Everett, Washington, the driver talked to us most of way about recommendations for the area and random facts including a detailed history of Bill Boeing himself as well as useful information about the actual Boeing factory tour.

Tour Information 
The 90-minute tour takes you up into the rafters in the largest building in the world on record. Looking down you get to see the workers actually working on the planes. We were able some amazing planes up close and personal, including the 747, 777, and the new Dreamliner 787, which is made with carbon fiber, a new air filtration system, LED lighting to help with jet lag a lower cabin pressure, push button windows that are larger than the standard and better fuel efficiency. This plane is said to change flight as we know it.

Shops and Snacks
At the end of the tour you are dropped off in the gift shop. We had about 45 minutes to look around the Future of Flight building. It was lunch time, there is a
café in the center so we waited in a line to grab food.

Heading Home
The view of the factory was incredible. We left Boeing as scheduled and our driver was able to call ahead about traffic delays. Traffic was heavy so we took an alternate route over the 520 floating bridge, and again the driver pointed out many points of interest and suggested many different tours to us for future trips. The drop off location is up to you. you can request a major attraction downtown such as the Space Needle, back to your hotel, or the Visitor Center.

Things to know
Boeing does not allow any phones or cameras or anything with weight on the tour, they do however have lockers for your convenience at the future of flight building for one dollar. 

By the time we reached the front of the cafe line they were limited on items. A better plan would have been to bring snacks with us that we could have shared on the bus and spent the rest of the time enjoying the center.

Adults: $89.01
*Children (5-12): $79.93

Must be at least 4 Feet Tall