Bai Tong

The premier Thai restaurant in Seattle Southside, Bai Tong has become legendary among the locals. In Thai, Bai Tong means banana leaf. When Bai Tong first opened in 1989, the owner, a former Thai Airways flight attendant, wanted to be able to feed the crew members meals like they ate back in Thailand. This tradition has carried on to the present day with delicious platters of authentic Thai food.

Try the gai hor bai toey (or pandan leaf wrapped chicken) for an exceptional appetizer, then spicy pa-nang curry or crispy garlic chicken for your main course, and finish the meal with some sweet sticky rice for dessert.

Arashi Ramen

One of the most anticipated and spectacular restaurants to come to Seattle Southside in many years, Arashi Ramen brings the traditional and modern flavors of Japan to Tukwila. This isn’t the stuff of college dorms; this is delicious, artfully crafted bowls of ramen filled with savory pork, veggies and spices.

Start off with the honey garlic karaage (Japanese fried chicken), then enjoy a bowl of black garlic ramen or spicy tantan men. You’ll want to come back the next day. Trust me…

Miyabi Sushi

Currently sitting at #4 on TripAdvisor’s best restaurants of Tukwila, Miyabi is an all-encompassing Japanese restaurant. It’s a sushi lover’s paradise, but it has a lot more than a bento box for non-sushi options. The menu is massive and the atmosphere is true to the Tokyo dining scene.

Start off with the Miyabi salad and takoyaki, then the blazing godzilla or rainbow roll for a main course, and finish the meal with some Miyabi tempura banana and ice cream for dessert.

Star Coffee & Restaurant

Why call an Ethiopian Restaurant “Star Coffee?” Try a latte made from special Ethiopian coffee beans at Star Coffee to find out. In addition to coffee, this modern restaurant and bar has some delicious traditional Ethiopian fare. Sip your latte and dip your injera bread into the veggie combination or beef tips. Did we mention that this unique venue is in SeaTac, only a stone’s throw away from the airport?

Moctezuma’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar

Moctezuma’s single-handedly made Mexican food great again in Seattle Southside. Popping up right in front of Westfield Southcenter mall, Moctezuma’s made an immediate impact in the Tukwila dining scene. The beautiful layout of the restaurant, the bright fires, cold drinks and hot and spicy dishes combined to put Moctezuma’s at #5 on MSN’s list of Top Mexican Restaurants and Bars in America.

Sip a coconut mojito and enjoy bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, then enjoy the masterpiece that is shrimp and chorizo tacos. Finally, how does a Mexican brownie or deep fried ice cream sound for dessert?

Mizu Japanese Steakhouse

Mizu is more of an experience than a restaurant, but that doesn’t mean you won’t leave so full that you won’t need breakfast the next morning. Featuring a classic teppanyaki experience with spatula flipping, egg spinning and onion volcanos, you really get your money’s worth at this place. The hibachi chicken, steak, shrimp and scallops are all delicious, and the fried rice is out of this world. Here’s a tip: go beyond the grill at Mizu. You may be surprised to hear that Mizu’s sushi rivals Miyabi’s as the best in Seattle Southside.

Start off with the Mizu chef’s new creation, popcorn lobster sushi and then enjoy the teppanyaki experience with a Mizu delight. Amazing.

Grazie Ristorante

People just can’t seem to get enough of the Italian food at Grazie Ristorante. Having been at the same location since 1988, and taking their employees to Italy every year since 1991 to experience the food and culture firsthand, it’s no wonder Grazie currently sits at the #2 spot on TripAdvisor’s best restaurants of Tukwila. The intimate setting and exquisite, gourmet Italian food make for a perfect dinner any night of the week.

Start with the antipasti del giorno, then try either the pollo saltimbocca or parmigiano and finish your meal with one of the delicious desserts you passed by on the sample platter as you walked in. Don’t worry if you missed it, they’ll bring the sample tray right over to you.

Seafood City (Grill City)

This Filipino grocery store essentially packs all the flavors of the Philippines under one roof. Inside, you will find fish you’ve never heard of, an entire wall of lumpia, plenty of exotic dragon fruits and jackfruits, as well as cheese flavored ice cream. Yes, you read that right. At the grill, you’ll find plenty of delicious offerings from BBQ pork skewers, to fried monkfish, crispy lechon and so many other things you probably never imagined. Try the grilled pompano and the fried pork, with a side of thin noodles and mango juice.


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