One of my “solo” trips started a day I was feeling a little adventurous. I was off of work early at around 2PM and I was wondering what I wanted to do for the rest of the day. Going home didn’t seem so appealing since it was a gorgeous day out in Seattle (enjoying summer while it lasts) so I looked up places that might have me appreciate home a little bit more.

I’ve had many friends and coworkers telling me that the Columbia Tower was the best view of Seattle (usually the Space Needle is the place that comes first to mind) and so I wanted to check it out.

My job is located right next to the Link Light Rail so I hopped on (great alternative when heading to the city and saves on gas and parking costs).

Once I reached the building on Fifth Ave, I could tell that it would be a great experience already. This building is the tallest in Seattle and one of the tallest in the Pacific Northwest. I entered through the revolving doors and was greeted by a gentleman in the bottom who was friendly and welcoming. He escorted me to an elevator and keyed me up to the 40th floor. 

Once out of the elevator, you follow signs that lead to another set of elevators you needed to go up to reach the top (there’s a Starbucks on this floor.. what a surprise eh?). Once I got into the elevator and went to the 73rd floor, I could feel myself getting higher and higher. You can definitely feel the elevation change. I got out of the elevator and made my way to the entrance where I paid for a ticket and entered the observatory.

It was breathtaking even at first glance and of course, no pictures will do it any justice. Since I stopped to eat before getting to the tower, I came in time just for the sunset (around 7PM).

The observatory is built in a way so that in every corner you turn you see all the sides of Seattle connected. I’ve never seen a better view in my life and with the soothing music and low whispers, it was definitely a very calm and collected environment.

There’s also a cafe up there where you can get snacks, coffee, etc. But the information of each corner was very helpful as well. It explains the Space Needle, the water docks, Century Link and Safeco Fields and any major sites that Seattle is most known for.

The picture a stranger took of me didn’t even look real, I think it sort of looks like a backdrop, that’s how clear the view was. All in all, I recommend anyone to at least visit this place when in town or if you need some time just to look around. I’ve been in Seattle for 11 years and this was a hidden treasure not many people know too much about but is definitely worth the visit!

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Q: Can you go to the top of Columbia tower?

A: Yes. Up to 5 people at a time can enjoy one of the best views for up to an hour from the tallest public observatory in the Pacific Northwest.


Q: Is the Columbia tower open in Seattle?

A: Yes! The Sky View Observatory is open Fridays 4pm - 10pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm - 8pm.


Q: How tall is the Sky View Observatory?

A: The Sky View Observatory is 902 feet high and on the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center in downtown Seattle.


Q: How many floors is Columbia Tower?

A: At 76 floors, the Columbia Tower is the tallest building in both Seattle and the state of Washington.