‘Tis the season to take shelter from the cold and warm up with a hot plate of comfort food. When the leaves start falling and a chill greets you each morning, it’s nice to have a hearty meal to look forward to in the evening. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck! Some of the best restaurants in the Seattle area are right here, in Seattle Southside. Warm up at some of these red-hot dining destinations!


Claim Jumper

Large T-bone steak and baked potato on plate

During the cooler seasons like fall and winter, Claim Jumper is the place to be. The old western lodge theme is about as warm and welcoming as any place you can imagine, with a stone fire place, oversized portions (and desserts), and an ultra-friendly waitstaff. The atmosphere is great, but we’re talking about comfort food, and Claim Jumper’s entire menu is quite comforting. From their signature chicken pot pies, to bone-in ribeyes, to rotisserie chicken and BBQ baby back ribs, what’s not to love? If you’ve saved some room after dinner (probably not), enjoy a slice of six-layer chocolate motherlode cake or Claim Jumper’s original scratch carrot cake.


13 Coins

high-backed leather booth in black and white

Perhaps you’re in dire need of some good food in the middle of the night, what do you do? Head to 13 Coins in SeaTac where the doors are open nearly 24/7! This retro, metropolitan restaurant will take you back to the Rat Pack days of the 50s-60s with their high-backed leather chairs and boisterous line chefs. Not to mention, their menu is beyond extensive…they are famous for their eggs benedict, omelettes, and other breakfast items like chicken fried steak and biscuits & gravy – available all day/night long. The menu goes on for another 6 pages or so into steaks, sandwiches like their savory monte cristo, plus pasta and seafood. Yum!


Billy Baroo’s Bar & Grill

array of food laid out on table

If you’ve spent the day working up an appetite golfing at Foster Golf Links, you’ve already arrived at another comfort food hot spot. Billy Baroo’s Bar & Grill serves up delicious and savory plates with the beautiful backdrop of the green along the Duwamish River. Trust me, you’re going to be in heaven of mouth-watering delights like:

  • filet mignon tidbits,
  • catfish fingers,
  • seafood louie,
  • beef brisket,
  • southern meatloaf,
  • and hickory smoked chicken.

Bon appétit!


The Most Honorable of Mentions

Sharp's Roasthouse

We’re merely scratching the surface for comfort food here, so if you’re interested in exploring a few more options, try any one of these terrific restaurants: