Seattle has many beautiful and breathtaking views around the city. Since the sun is out, it is a great time to check these beautiful city views out! Here is a list of views we recommend!

Best City Views in Seattle Space Needle

Space Needle

The Space Needle is the iconic landmark of Seattle, so we recommend going to the Space Needle to see the beautiful Emerald City from above! The tall buildings, Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier all in one 360 degree view is a city-lover's dream come true! If you come to Seattle, then you must go to the Space Needle!

Best City Views in Seattle Columbia Tower

Columbia Tower

The Sky View Observatory in Columbia Tower is a hidden gem, and the view is phenomenal. It is a highly recommended view point as it does have a 360 degree view of the Seattle area for an affordable price! Should be on a to-do list for its beautiful view as well as the low prices!

Best City Views in Seattle Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park

Enjoy the view of the Seattle Skyline and Lake Union while having a picnic with a loved one! It’s a great park to bring your kids to fly kites, have a picnic, or spend alone time reading one of your favorite books WHILE adoring the beautiful scenery! It also has remnants of the sole remaining coal gasification plant in the U.S., but is now only viewed as beautiful artifacts.  Gas Works Park is the best spot for those who love to have a good relaxing time while enjoying the view!

Best City Views in Seattle Kerry Park

Kerry Park

Kerry Park is every photographer’s dream come true! With its perfect Seattle skyline view, many people often compare it to a postcard! It’s the perfect place to take many and different types of portraits of you, your family, and loved ones! Don’t forget your camera!

Best City Views in Seattle Alki Beach

Alki Beach

Alki Beach is a wonderful place to enjoy the sand while overlooking the beautiful view of the Seattle Skyline from a different perspective: across Elliot Bay! It’s a great place to throw bonfires while observing the beautiful scene. Want to dine out the same night? Then we highly recommend dining at Salty’s on Alki! Enjoy the view from Alki Beach while eating delicious and satisfying seafood!

Best City Views in Seattle I-90 Floating Bridge Viewpoint

Floating Bridge Viewpoint

Also another hidden gem, the Floating Bridge Viewpoint should be on your to-do list! Different from the rest on this list, it’s a great place to reminisce about how wonderful Seattle is! All the cars and people will look so small on the bridge from where you’re standing!  It will be feel surreal seeing I-90 bridge from above!