Mayor Jake Simpson helped celebrate the opening of the renovated SeaTac BMX track on Saturday, July 23. Simpson cut the ribbon during the ceremony, which was also attended by Councilmember Peter Kwon. “I am so stoked to see this BMX park open,” Simpson said. “I love visiting North SeaTac Park with my family and each time I am here, I have watched with anticipation the progress of construction. Now that I see the final product, it is even better than I could imagine.” The original BMX track was built in 1981 at a different location within North SeaTac Park and moved to 1855 S. 136th Street in 2002. The facility allows free access to all visitors to come out and ride in a safe environment when races are not hosted.

The project was paid for entirely by private donations and cost $700,000. The first donation came from Bryce Phillips, the founder of Seattle outdoor retailer Evo, who donated $100,000 for the project.

While the BMX track is in the city, it is not operated by the city. This is a national level BMX track that will become a tourist destination. The track has produced multiple national and world champions and Olympic bronze medalist, Jill Kintner. 

“The track has been radically transformed into a world-class facility worthy of the world-class talent who ride here,” Simpson said. “This project is a remarkable example of how a community can be uplifted when local government partners with nonprofits and private industry.” There were 396 riders at the event and more than 1,000 people who attended.