Play in Seattle Southside!

Through the power of sports, we are able to enhance the area’s quality of life and create an economic and social benefit for Seattle Southside. 

Seattle Southside is the ideal location to host sports of all kinds, perfectly positioned to pull from the energy of fanatic fans, ensuring success in tournaments, championships and events occurring in the region. There is a wide range of facilities with unique offerings in the Seattle Southside area, such as Starfire Sports Complex, Des Moines Waterfront and the North SeaTac BMX Park. In addition, no sporting destination in the Pacific Northwest is better positioned than Seattle Southside, due to our close proximity to major transportation options like the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Link light rail and the freeway system, allowing convenient access from anywhere. Seattle Southside’s abundant and diverse lodging options, local attractions and dining choices offer coaches, participants and spectators experiences they’re looking for.

Our Sports Sales and Development staff build awareness through a marketing strategy that reaches local, state and national levels to better serve clients and industry partners. In addition to this marketing plan, the staff maintains a strong partnership with the Seattle Sports Commission to complement regional sales efforts and better position Seattle Southside partners to receive the benefit of local sporting events. Efforts are focused on recruiting, growing and retaining sports events in the area, and continuing to expand the visibility of Seattle Southside as a premier athletic destination, especially in the youth sports market during the shoulder season.

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