Get to know Seattle Southside.

Seattle Southside RTA’s Marketing and Communications Department focuses on expanding brand awareness among new and repeat consumers. We work to inspire travel, engage visitors during every stage of the travel cycle, deepen relationships and increase overall leisure travel. 

We invest in research. Our recent brand awareness benchmark study provided us with the insights we needed to develop and implement a robust public relations and communications plan. Soon, we’ll conduct another awareness study to gauge how our efforts changed perceptions and awareness of Seattle Southside.

Utilizing social media tools and platforms, we connect with current and potential customers. Even before they begin the research process, our efforts have put Seattle Southside top of mind. And because we position ourselves as the local expert on all things travel in the Pacific Northwest, we are able to deepen trust and increase connections.

That trust is carried through the website, where relevant and current content supports the customer’s journey through the travel process and delivers on our promise of being able to Do More in Seattle Southside.

Because we understand our target audience, we are able to implement campaigns that speak directly to them. We give them valuable reasons to consider visiting (or revisiting) Seattle Southside. Our focus on multiple segments encourages increases in shoulder-season visits and overall occupancy, as well as expands other markets, such as the sports market.