Creating success

Seattle Southside RTA acts as a model leader by creating community-minded programs that meet the RTA goals and objectives for success. 

A key goal of these programs and events is to emphasize to citizens of the Seattle Southside region that tourism is an important economic driver for their own community, which provides measurable value to the community and many diverse offerings for their own enjoyment as well. It improves the lives of the citizens and businesses on a grassroots level. We strive for community involvement that leads to local evangelism and promotion of the area through increased awareness of the region’s assets. These are key to the RTA’s long-term success.

The RTA finds ways to integrate business associates and partners into our marketing efforts. Through cooperative programs that enable partners to reap the benefits of our expanding marketing budget, we create subsidized and self-sustaining opportunities to fuel further growth in marketing program development.

The RTA conducts wide-ranging, ongoing research to assess the impact and effectiveness of our programs. This includes research conducted by our staff and partners, as well as independent impact studies performed by universities and research organizations. This research ranges from visitor profile information, website and mobile usage studies to a benchmark study to measure growth in brand awareness, travel spending, ADR, occupancy and tax receipts data, projections and PFK reports.