Here’s your game plan.

From Starfire Sports to North SeaTac BMX Park, you’ll find a wide variety of sporting venues in Seattle Southside. Participants will also find plenty of post-game fun, including go-kart racing, bowling and indoor skydiving. And we’ll be happy to offer you complimentary planning help for everything from group activities to team housing. Make your next sporting event one for the record books in Seattle Southside.


Guarantee Victory at your Next Event


You may not be able to control championship on the field, but you can make sure you’ve got a winning strategy to make everything surrounding it a victorious event. Here’s a quick play-by-play to make it happen:

DTN - ROS - Seattle Seawolves - Single Game


Play where the pros do.

Choose a location with world-class facilities to set your team up for success. Pros need nothing but the best, and your players deserves nothing less.



   Hands on Soccer Ball

Work smart not hard.

Partner with a destination who’s going to do the legwork for you, like marketing support, itinerary planning, organizing extras like dining and transportation, finding you the best accommodation location & rates, plus setting up your own private booking engine where participants can book and manage reservations all on their own.


Sports fans cheering at bar

It’s More than Just a Game.

Your players, family, friends, and fans have been looking forward to this event for a long time, and they’re going to want a place to celebrate and have fun off the field. Group-friendly restaurants, a location that’s easy to get to and around in, one-of-a-kind things to do…make sure the big game isn’t the only highlight of their trip.



Group high five


Partner with a destination that gets it.

At Seattle Southside RTA, our playbook includes all of the above to support teams and their planners. As the epicenter for pro soccer, rugby, and so much more in the Pacific Northwest, we’re uniquely positioned to give traveling teams and tournaments the best on and off the field.



Pro-level facilities, marketing support, room-block negotiation, itinerary planning, awesome things to do to keep your teams having a great time, and way, way more—Seattle Southside is ready when you are to help you strategize victory at your next big event. 




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