Group Sales Support Toolkit

The RTA provides many tools to increase business development through meetings and group sales. Our team can help you close the deal on potential business by supporting your client’s needs. Your client information is confidential and only shared with other businesses if they request referrals for additional services such as transportation, entertainment, or other services. For more information, please contact


Site VisitClient Meet & Greet or Destination Site Visit

Our team can help your client feel supported by greeting them upon arrival at your venue for a site visit, prepared with a welcome gift and information about the complimentary services we can provide if they book at your venue. Or, if your client is interested in entertainment or restaurant options, our team can show them around Seattle Southside.



People around a conference tableProposal Assistance

The RTA has developed a number of tools to support our hotel and event partners in their selling efforts. Many planners look at more than just the meeting space when deciding on a location for their event. Attributes of the destination, as well as support from entities such as the RTA, are also important in their decision-making process. Available for download on the Seattle Southside RTA's Extranet are tools you can use in conjunction with your client proposals, including a paragraph for you to include in event proposals, a pdf flyer of RTA services, promotional videos, and a PowerPoint slide to add to your client presentation deck. We have even created a website, (free of competitive hotels or event venues listings), for you to share with your clients

Meeting Planner Flyer Postcard Email SignatureMeeting Planner Attendance Tools

The RTA has developed many tools to help meeting planners increase attendance at their events. Refer your client to for access to these tools, including welcome amenities for attendees, complimentary area guides, maps, and brochures, access to videos, photography, customizable flyers, and other promotional tools, personalized planning services including teambuilding activities and itineraries, and resources to help planners find group discounts at attractions, transportation, entertainment, and other servies. 


Sea-Tac Airport tower and Light Rail trainBulk Light Rail Tickets

RTA has partnered with Sound Transit to sell bulk light rail tickets. Seattle Southside partners, meeting planners, and group leaders are welcome to purchase these tickets, which ease connectivity between Seattle Southside and downtown Seattle. 






Questions?  Please contact or (206) 686-7261 for additional information.